Pavilion 3, hall 13

Grip of emotions: a team management

3 March 2017

Antonina Lebedinskaya, business coach of Moscow Business School with 10 years' experience of training courses, a competent manager and enthusiast of sailing sport, will speak at the Moscow Boat Show.

Antonina will give pieces of advice how to cope with a storm of emotions and to manage successfully a team at the moments of emotional peaks when it is so important to keep control over a situation and to make up correct decisions. The event will take place March 10 at 06:00 p.m. in the zone of presentations.

The master class will be useful to those who are interested in effective management of a team practice both in sailing sport and in business.

Participants of the master class will:

• look into 7 main emotional conditions and their influence on behavior of a person;

• learn what management tools to choose if a team member is in irritation, anger, panic or stupor;

• study technology of express recovery, allowing to return to a condition in which it is possible to make up decisions and to work effectively;

• be trained to manage own emotional condition and to influence an emotional condition of other people.


15 February 2018
For extreme travelers

Janmor Yachts Russia - – team project will help to find new participants or passengers for a travel.

13 February 2018
March 8 – free admittance to all representatives of the fair sex!

All representatives of the fair sex shall be entitled to free attendance to Moscow Boat Show in Crocus Expo on International Women’s Day.

02 February 2018
Innovations for fishing and maritime transport

McMurdo, a global leader in emergency readiness and response including market-leading search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions, will participate in Moscow Boat Show 2018.

29 January 2018
We are born to have fun!

A unique device for water surfing has been gaining popularity. There are even Jet Surf World Race Series organized in different countries of the world. Last year Russia for the first time hosted the races.

19 January 2018
Outdoor and sporting goods for professionals and fans

GS-SPORT GROUP will display a wide range of goods for jet-surfing, windsurfing, kiting, wakeboarding and water skis, SUP surfing and active recreation on water at the Moscow Boat Show.

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