International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 4-7, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1, hall 4

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Onboard electronics from Multitronics

2 February 2021

Profelectronics company (Multitronics brand) will present to the audience of the Moscow Boat Show onboard electronics for boats, launches, quadcycles and cars.

During more than 30 years of its prehistory, the company has accumulated extensive experience in the field of electronics development and production meeting the most demanding requests of customers.

On-board computers for water equipment:

  • enable engine diagnostics;

  • calculate fuel consumption, remaining fuel in the tank and estimate the average distance left by fuel balance;

  • display the current water vehicle speed and mileage;

  • allow to control the heeling angle and prevent its tipping, determine the optimal trim angle motor and setting to gliding mode;

  • made in all-weather design in dust and moisture-proof housing;

All innovations and technical solutions that the company applies to are protected a huge number of patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

Everybody is invited to the exhibitors stand!