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A mean of transport conquering any all-terrain conditions

24 November 2016

SHAMAN is a new family of all-terrain vehicles on extra low-pressure tires of AVTOROS Company. This kind of equipment is classified as snow and swamp-going vehicles and can be used under any extreme conditions. While 8-wheel configuration of Shaman and extra low-pressure tires allow to overcome various obstacles and go with ease both cross-country and on public roads.

Proportions and body parts are product of work of professional designers and are directly related to ergonomics and usability of the vehicle. Color and graphics design is unique, providing unmistakable identification of the car from a big distance. The modern interior not only provides an unrivalled level of comfort for such vehicles, but also meets the most stringent requirements of extreme operation. An important advantage of our all-terrain vehicles is comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers during a long journey. Anatomical seats, adjustable steering column, sprung drivers seat with all adjustments, climate control with air conditioning, excellent ride comfort will make comfortable any multi-day trip. Low noise level in the passenger compartment allows to speak in a level voice while driving. 

For a more efficient and reliable operation of ATV, especially at low temperature and low speeds, an engine on diesel fuel has been selected. Long tests under various climatic conditions have revealed a number of disadvantages of domestic diesel engines. The main requirements that are raised by Shaman designers were reliability, efficiency and weight. The choice of designers was the engine of IVECO brand. IVECO F1C turbocharged 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel engine. 3 liters working volume gives 107 kW (170 hp) power and 400 Nm torque ranging from 1400 to 4000 rpm. The engine weight is 240 kg.

Every fan of active outdoor adventures will have an opportunity to try on and appreciate the vehicle right on the show site.