International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 2-5, 2023  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1

Sea paints for boats and yachts

27 January 2017

Tehnomax company, an official distributor of SEAJET paints, will display sea paints providing protection against sea foul at the Moscow Boat Show. SEAJET leisure products are part of Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd (CMP) a major Japanese company listed on the Japanese Nikkei stock market index and one of worlds oldest and most respected manufacturers of marine paint and anti-foul products for the commercial marine and container industry. CMP have been manufacturing paint and anti-foul for over 90 years and have a presence in over forty countries world-wide. Over fifth of the worlds commercial shipping fleets rely upon CMP for reliable protection at com petitive prices.

Did you know that the Japanese are leading the world in developing high performance anti-fouling paint? With the resources of Chugoku Marine Paints, SEAJET products provide you with the cutting edge technology for you to improve the appearance and performance of your boat.

There are Good Reasons to use Seajet paint: established brand name with the backing of Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd., one of the world's largest marine paint and antifoul manufacturers, durable, performance orientated products means value for money in the long-term and unique products with Japanese technology