International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 2-5, 2023  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1

Bright ideas of yachting design

10 November 2017

Members of the Union of Designers and Architects will hold March 9 a number of seminars devoted to tendencies in the interior design of yachts within the business program of the Moscow Boat Show 2018.

You are invited to get acquainted with the main speakers and topics of lectures which will be held at Moscow Boat Show 2018.

Design of Yacht Spa Zones, Yulia Mikulina has graduated from the Moscow state construction university (architectural faculty) with honors. At the moment she specializes in interior design.

Yachts Interior Design: for producer and buyer. Tendencies. Three ready concepts, Irina Bogatikova - the owner of Irina Bogatikova Group of companies (architecture, design, décor and investments into the real estate).

Yachts in Hollywood Movies Style, Alyona Sanayeva is the author of the projects Quiet House of Lyudmila Hityaeva, Roman Kartsev. Repair with Humour and also the Bond Bar restaurant project.

Features of Customized Yacht Furniture Production, Svetlana Ivanova (St. Petersburg) - the head of Art-Absolute studio. Author of numerous projects of apartments, country houses, cafe, shops, offices and beauty shops.

Interior for Traveler, Nina Lopatina - the founder of Opendoor Creative Association studio.

Original and Non-standard Interiors of Yachts. The review of unique solutions from the designer, researcher and expert, Kirill Kukharchuk is the author of a number of unique, private researches in the field of design and architecture, the radical ideologist of interconnection of theory, history and practical man in design.

Who is Interior Designer and Who is Decorator?, Darya Shevchenko the founder of the Design Academy studio, she has implemented more than 260 objects.

Yacht Design: from Concept and up to Put to Sea, Irina Loeillet - the co-owner of IRLEN House Studio of interiors, the interior designer according to the IIDA international standard of the profession.

An Interior in Sea Style. Design Mistakes, Valeria Tsukanova is the head of Art-Pride design studio, the interior designer, decorator and landscape designer.

You will have an opportunity to learn about recent trends in interiors decoration and in the sphere of yacht design!