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March 2-5, 2023  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1

One will have an opportunity to explore unique electric motors from Chukreev Motors at Moscow Boat Show

23 September 2021

Chukreev Motors, the recognized leader in the world of hi tech in production of electric motors, will join Moscow Boat Show in 2022.

The representative of the company Valery Shestakov told in general about products to display at the Chukreev Motors stand. He didnt reveal all the details and left room for intrigue.

He said that there would be a table with an electric motor on it, as well as a water jet propeller. The unit would be connected to batteries. There would be also a display and the set controller. The display shows the speed, voltage and current, and the controller regulates the rotation speed of the motor.

The company compares its developments in the field of water engine technology with the release of the famous Ilon Masks Tesla S. Do not miss the chance to visit the Chukreev Motors stand personally at the Moscow Boat Show and eyewitness the novelty!

See you at Crocus Expo March 3 through 6, 2022!