International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 3-6, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1


Deck coverings V-Deck at Moscow Boat Show

6 October 2021

V-Deck will display at Moscow Boat Show principal types of deck coverings for yachts and boats.

V-Deck EVA

Deck covering made from high quality EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) environmental protection materials features a number of excellent qualities. Its elastic with no easy deformation; odourless, non-toxic; stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed; provides a non-slippery surface for your boat in both wet & dry conditions. The foam itself feels great under your feet on the boat deck. The main attraction of EVA is that it does not absorb water. It can be resistant to cold and exposure. The low thermal conductivity of the EVA coating makes it comfortable to operate: on a hot and sunny day, it will not burn your feet, and at night or in cool weather it will not feel icy.


V-Deck CORK is made from the rinds of cork trees. Durable, slip-resistant and non-slip - these are requirements that every boat deck must meet. In addition, the deck surface should not heat up too much in direct sunlight and should remain easy to walk on. Today's boatbuilding materials such as GRP, steel, aluminum, or plywood are usually covered in the deck area with materials that can withstand influences such as heat, cold, rain or frost, aggressive UV radiation, dirt, and mechanical stress. For sustainability and recyclability reasons, suitable certified natural products such as cork are also becoming increasingly important as yacht decks.


Synthetic teak decking can be installed at a fraction of the cost and requires almost no maintenance to keep it from splitting or going gray. It is also much greener, in that it doesnt involve harvesting tropical hardwood. Todays synthetic teak decks are made of textured PVC plastic, so theres no way for things like red wine or fish guts to soak in and cause problems. Synthetic teak also has excellent nonskid properties, reportedly providing an even better grip when wet than actual teak. It provided excellent footing during a boisterous sail.


Timber and teak decks are of functional and esthetical importance. Since maritime conditions are very harsh, watertight, Hi-UV-resistant deck caulking adhesive and sealants are absolutely essential. Everyone loves an immaculate teak deck. They look great at boat shows and at chic Mediterranean quays, as well as providing excellent non-slip properties in the most demanding of conditions. For decades, boat builders have seen teaks durability and resistance to every type of weather. Its anti fungal and its not affected by insect or acids. Teak is the chosen material for decking, custom marine carpentry, custom molding and more.

By purchasing V-Deck products, you not only get excellent deck covering for your boat, launch or yacht, but also make an invaluable contribution to saving wildlife. It is much greener, in that it doesnt involve harvesting tropical hardwood.

Choose the best covering meeting all your requirements at V-Deck stand!

See you at Crocus Expo March 3 through 6, 2022!