International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show

March 3-6, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1


Waveboat: revolutionary boats propelled by jet skis

2 December 2021

Meet another exhibitor at Moscow Boat Show - Wave Boat Russia, which presents at the show revolutionary boats Waveboats propelled by jet skis.

Boats are produces at Sealver Waveboat French shipyard. SEALVER located near Bordeaux (France), manufactures the WaveBoat, both for the professional and recreational markets. The particularity of the Wave-Boat lies in the fact that it uses Personal Water-Crafts (PWCs) as the engine as well as for steering the WaveBoat. Owing to this ingenious technology, the Wave-Boat offers many more emotions than would a single PWC or motor-driven boat for that matter.

Inventor in 2006 of the Waveboat, French shipyard Sealver has been perfecting its technological magic formula for more than 10 years to offer you the epitome of sharing and freedom on water - revolutionary boats, propelled by jet skis. While a jet ski can accommodate up to two passengers, the Wave Boat accommodates from five to ten people, bringing a family dimension to jet skiing. Thanks to a boat buckles system, to pair and un-pair the jet ski with the boat takes a matter of seconds. The boat is propelled by the jet ski turbine, which considerably limits the risk of injuries related to standard propeller motors. Handy and steady, the jet driving becomes a childs play while maintaining the thrill of the jet propulsion.

Wave Boat provides compatibility kits for every jet ski on the market, along with their boat buckle strap system, meaning Wave Boat is compatible with all Yamaha, Kawasaki Ultra and 15F jet ski models.

Welcome to the exhibitors stand at Moscow Boat Show.

See you at Crocus Expo March 3 through 6, 2022!