17th International exhibition of boats and yachts
Moscow Boat Show

February 29 March 3, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1


Girgis plant will for the first time display their products at the Moscow Boat Show

25 January 2023

Girgis, plant for the production of aluminum boats, has been founded in 2018. All models are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with the norms and laws of shipbuilding, due to which they meet all safety requirements.

The GIRGIS boats are comfortable and suitable for both fishing and on water outing.

The companys boats family includes:

  • GIRGIS 370 - length 3.7 m, power up to 20 hp;

  • GIRGIS 390 - length 3.9 m, power up to 30 hp;

  • GIRGIS 440 - Length 4.4 m, power up to 60 hp;

The new GIRGIS 470 model will be displayed at the show.


  • Qualitative welding.

  • High reliability.

  • Three layers of painting.

  • Customized.

See you at Crocus Expo March 2 through 5!