17th International exhibition of boats and yachts
Moscow Boat Show

February 29 March 3, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 1


Experience Boats will display watercrafts manufactured at the own shipbuilding yard

6 February 2023

Experience Boats designs and builds yachts, catamarans, houses on water made of aluminum, steel and composite materials at its own shipyard; introducing advanced technologies for solar generation, storage and use of electricity in power plants of ships using proprietary equipment.

All projects are based on modern components and solutions, as well as the achievements of well-known manufacturers of ship equipment, materials and navigation systems.

Unique, developed by the company, 3D printer with a printing field of 6x12 meters allows to create ship hulls made from wood-polymer composites, which is one of the advanced technologies of the present time.

The company presented in 2022 the first in the world aluminum expeditionary solar-powered catamaran Ray.

To date, the shipbuilding direction is actively developing with the support of the Administration of the Kostroma region on a plot of 4 hectares in the Volga River.

Experience Boats organizes a full cycle of works starting from design, construction and launching of the vessels and up to repair work, storage and assistance in operation.

See you at Crocus Expo March 2 through 5, 2023!