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Results of the International exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show 2009

15 February 2009

Moscow Boat Show at Crocus Expo. On the crest of the wave!

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Second International exhibition of boats and yachts

moscow boat show

February 7 through 15, 2009

Crocus Expo IEC

Organizers: Crocus Expo IEC, National Marine Industry Association

The Second exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show was held February 7 through 15, 2009 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

The project was the result of joint efforts of the largest exhibitions and fairs operator Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre and non-profit organization incorporating Russian companies involved into small navigation business, importers, dealers, distributors and producers of powerboats, yachts and boats the National Marine Industry Association.

The decision to organize expanded floor space into thematic sectors according to market segments corresponded to global exhibition standards and was positively accepted by the exhibitors. Full range of companies professionally engaged in the yachting business and small navigation participated in the Moscow Boat Show-2009. Yacht-clubs, boat stations, filling stations, piers, industrial, trading, service, insurance companies, financial groups were presented at the expositions. Sailing and motor yachts, inflatable and rowboats, hydrocycles, wakeboards, materials and components for boats and yachts, equipment for mooring, navigation equipment, and goods for leisure were exhibited at stands.

The exhibit space exceeded 16000 sq m meeting global standards of yachts and boats show. Moreover the Moscow Boat Show as opposed to other branch exhibitions ran for 9 days and the time frame met international standards and proved to be convenient for visitors from remote parts of Russia and the world.

More than 130 branch companies presented their goods and services at the 2nd Second International Specialized Exhibition Moscow Boat Show and 25 mass media provided press coverage of the event. Twice more exhibitors participated in the show compared to the previous edition. The majority of exhibitors were presented by companies professionally involved into yachting business and small navigation.

And such widely known brands as Bavaria Yachts, Grand Marine, Marine Trade, Alpha-yachts, Silver Boats, Admiral Group, and East Baltic Marine Group, Neptune-Marine, Expert Marine, Boatmarket, Burevestnik Group, Akvatekhnika, Royal Marine were among them. The press coverage of the event was rendered by the leading branch Mass Media: TV company Okean-TV (Ocean-TV), magazines Berega Moskvy (The Moscow Riverside), Katera i Yakhty (Boats and Yachts), Kapitan-klub (Captain-club), Internet portals Luxury-info.ru, Yachta.ru, MegaYachts.ru, Yacht world on-line and many others.

3 Russian debuts were unveiled within the frames of the exhibition Moscow Boat Show-2009. Ship-building company FINNSTAR has opened a new shipyard with the independent trade mark TRIDENT, focused exclusively on the Russian market. The company FINNSTAR has presented a new brand boat made from aluminium and magnesium alloy with an enhanced set. The presentation of a new yacht of the Russian national racing class M took place at the yacht-club PIRogovo stand. The design of the boat has been developed by a well known design bureau Bernaskoni and tailored with all preferences of a modern exacting consumer taken into consideration. A high-speed miniboat GRIKON-005 was also presented for the first time in the Russian market. The representatives of search and rescue services have already expressed their interest. The vessel can make a competition to hydrocycles in terms of safety, durability, agility, economic fuel consumption and reasonable price.

Many contracts for equipment, sailing yachts and powerboats supply were executed right on site. A number of exhibits were purchased right from a stand. Though it was only the second edition of the project 90% of exhibitors left their positive feedback about the show. The majority of exhibitors have already submitted their space applications for the Third International exhibition Moscow Boat Show.

About 20000 visitors came to the exhibition Moscow Boat Show-2009. Dmitry Zelenin, Governor of Tver region, President of Russian Federation of Water Motor Sport, Alexander Makarov, President of the National Marine Industry Association, Mikhail Gorbunov, record breaker, the participant of transatlantic powerboat tour, Aras Agalarov, President ZAO CROCUS INTERNATIONAL, and Ekaterina Grishechkina, Director of exhibition Moscow Boat Show, and other high-ranking persons participated in the exhibition of boats and yachts.

All guests of the exhibition Moscow Boat Show-2009 came to a common opinion that the state support and regulation, elimination of corruption elements are of primary importance for further development of the branch, and it is also required more intensive cooperation with international organizations.

The exhibition Moscow Boat Show develops into a full scale business project. The events organized by the Russian Association of Yacht Skippers / RAY became the highlight of the Business Program of the exhibition Moscow Boat Show-2009. The Association managers told about the results of RAY and yachting school operation in 2008, expeditions scheduled for 2009. Graduators of the Russian Association of Yacht Skippers yachting school were granted Master of Yacht Limited inshore certificates. Alexei Panasenko, Head of the Russian Association of Yacht Skippers, moderated an open discussion about Russian yachting status. The Conference Russian River Register took place February 9. Moreover Educational seminar Marine Line-up Garmin with participation of foreign experts was held within the frames of the show.

The Awarding Ceremony for the winners of the on-line contest Yachts! Sea! Enjoyment! was held at the Crocus Expo IEC within the frames of the exhibition Moscow Boat Show. The contest Yachts! Sea! Enjoyment! had been initiated and organized by the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre in cooperation with the agency Yacht-club Zelenyi Ostrov (Green Island). The contest was held on the website www.gi-yachtclub.ru November 24, 2008 through January 31, 2009. The best works of the participants of the photoregatta were presented at the stand 442 from February 7 till 15, 2009. The winner Valery Vasilevsky was awarded the rank of the best yachting photographer 2008 and was granted the voucher on participation in a real regatta from the yachting operator AdriyatikSailing.

The International exhibition Moscow Boat Show assists basic manufacturers and dealers in yachting business to get acquainted with their Russian colleagues and to raise the national yachting market on a new level. It is obvious that the exhibition Moscow Boat Show as the result of two editions has turned to a status action of then exhibition calendar. If the project keeps developing dynamically it is planned to hold it twice a year.

The 3rd International Specialized exhibition of boats and yachts Moscow Boat Show will be held at the end of February 2010 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.


Overall exhibit space

16093 sq m


More than 150

Regions of the Russian Federation

14 (Arkhangelsk, Vyborg, Kazan, Kaluga, Republic of Karelia, Moscow and the Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St.-Petersburg, the Sverdlovsk region, Sevastopol, the Yaroslavl region)


8 (Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Latvia, Russia, the USA, Finland)


24 000

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113 journalists

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